Size Charts

Our size charts are designed to help you choose the right size for you

We have put the physical measurement of the robes and a recommended maximum height of person for each robe size.

If in doubt, with both the trousers and the robes, we would always recommend buying a bigger size as they are supposed to be worn big and baggy!

Robe size chart

adult trouser size chart

Kids Trouser size chart

Model 1

Height: 4ft 5 inch - 141 cm

Robe: Minor

Trousers: Age 11-13

Model 2

Height: 5ft 10inch

Robe: Maxi

Trousers (if he had some on): Adult Medium

Model 3

Height: 5ft 4inch

Robe: Midi

Trousers: Adult Small

Model 4

Height: 5ft 5inch

Robe: Midi

Trousers: Adult Small

Model 5

Height: 165 cm

Robe: Minor

Trousers: S/M

Model 6

Height: 125cm

Robe: Mini

Trousers: Age 7-8

Model 7

Height: 130cm

Robe: Mini

Trousers: Age 7-8

Model 8

Height: 142

Robe: Minor

Trousers: Adult Small

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