Mix and match

Take inspiration from our models to mix and match the colours of your Cozy Robes and Cozy Trousers. With 5 colours of robes and 5 colours of trousers there are plenty of options to choose from.

Scroll down to see the size charts and examples of people wearing them to see how they fit.


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Size Charts

Our size charts are designed to help you choose the right size for you

We have put the physical measurement of the robes and a recommended maximum height of person for each robe size.

If in doubt, with both the trousers and the robes, we would always recommend buying a bigger size as they are supposed to be worn big and baggy!

Robe size chart

adult trouser size chart

Kids Trouser size chart

Model 1

Height: 4ft 5 inch - 141 cm

Robe: Minor

Trousers: Age 11-13

Model 2

Height: 5ft 10inch

Robe: Maxi

Trousers (if he had some on): Adult Medium

Model 3

Height: 5ft 4inch

Robe: Midi

Trousers: Adult Small

Model 4

Height: 5ft 5inch

Robe: Midi

Trousers: Adult Small

Model 5

Height: 165 cm

Robe: Minor

Trousers: S/M

Model 6

Height: 125cm

Robe: Mini

Trousers: Age 7-8

Model 7

Height: 130cm

Robe: Mini

Trousers: Age 7-8

Model 8

Height: 142

Robe: Minor

Trousers: Adult Small

AQua is great

"We've Just received our Cozy Robe. Savannah loves it, the aqua blue colour is great and it comes in the right size for her to get changed on the beach in it."


They've Arrived

“Just a quick note to let you know that our Cozyrobes arrived yesterday.  We’re very pleased with them.  Thank you so much.”


so cosy

“I think they’re great. They looked so cozy in them and they said they were warm outside.”


used daily

“LOVE the Cozy Robes, I know these are going to be used daily in the summer!”


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